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The Company logo is a combination of Chinese character mu representing the woods and the stylized I and M represent the mountains. Together they combine to form LIM symbolizing life, stability and sincerity.

PAVO is a Latin word that represents a constellation of the hemisphere, said to resemble a peacock. It symbolizes
immortality and renewal. It is also a good premonition that forecasts fame, victory and satisfaction in career.

The Peacock is endowed with the power to protect itself from poisonous serpents because of its ability to swallow
serpents and transform the snake venom into solar iridescence and make useful in turning base metals into gold.

The peacock has the power of resurrection, like the phoenix and acts as the protector against evil and guarded the
gates of Paradise.

We, (PAVO Security) dedicate ourselves to provide attention to micro details and premium services, at the same time
we ensure that we deliver our commitment and professionalism to all our business associates