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Private Investigation

Our services include, but are not limited to the investigation of problematic employees, work place harassment, internal/external theft, excessive losses, industrial sabotage and security concerns for the business community. We can provide internal or external undercover personnel, including surveillance experts.

Our private investigation caseload routinely includes the following:

  • Personal, Private And Civil Matters
  • Matrimonial cases, extra-martial affairs, polygamy, adultery, etc
  • Pre-marital background checks of prospective spouse
  • Background check of persons
  • Custody of children
  • Surveillance of child or maid
  • Surveillance of people/places because of dispute, nuisance, vandalism, mischief
  • Tracing of missing persons
  • Commercial Cases
  • Background check of prospective business partner or employee
  • Surveillance of employees' or business partners' movement and activities
  • Investigation of suspected commercial frauds, thefts, cheating, etc
  • Investigation of trademark/copyright infringements and fake merchandizes
  • Investigation of insurance claims

Our private investigators are well trained, with extensive field experience in the Singapore Police Force or Singapore Armed Forces. They are reliable, have proven capabilities, impeccable integrity and, maintain the highest level of confidentiality in the execution of their duties.