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Command Centre

Our 24 hour Command Centre helps to maintain a continuous link with your site and this linkage enables us to instantly respond to any emergency. Customers are also assured of a definite link to our Operations and Management staff. It also serves as the nerve centre that would ensure continuous command and control over the many sites where our Security Officers are assigned. Over the years, we have improved its effectiveness by upgrading its structure, staffing and equipment.

The Command Centre's roles are to provide:

  • Continuous Monitoring of Sites
  • Operational Suppose and Response
  • Replacement of Guards
  • A Contact Point for Customers

Emergency situations will be reported immediately to the 24-hour Command Centre hotline as they arise. Depending on the nature of the emergency, appropriate response will be undertaken. This could include the activation of the Response Officer ,the activation of the Singapore Police Force and/ or Singapore Civil Defense Force accordingly.